Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today's Auction Item Preview:  Two tickets to the USC/UCLA Football Game
Don't miss the cross-town rivalry, USC vs. UCLA, on Saturday, November 26 at the Coliseum.  Seats are in Section 22, Row 10, Aisle 101 and 102 behind the Trojan bench.  A parking pass allows for a fantastic tailgate experience just outside the entrance to Tunnel 22.  Special thanks to our donors, Stacy and Steve Stephens.

NEW--A complete preview of all of the live auction items.  Click here to take a peak!  A few auction tickets are still available, but a sell-out is imminent.  Complete reservation information and an RSVP card are available in the Quick Links column to the right. 

If you purchase a raffle ticket today, your chances of winning $10,000 are 1 in 150.  Follow this link for raffle information. Raffle tickets will also be available at the event.

Special thanks to all of our donors, volunteers and guests.  For further information about the auction, contact Barbara Lilley at blilley@lareina.com or 805-917-7112.  SEE YOU THERE!

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