Thursday, December 1, 2011


It’s Christmas time—the season for giving.  It’s also the season that makes us wonder, “What can I give to those at La Reina in a way that will be meaningful?”

Sometimes the best gift you can give to another is to say thank you in a way that leaves a lasting legacy.   One way you can do that is to make a donation to the TRIBUTE SCHOLARSHIP FUND, which allows deserving students the opportunity to continue their education at La Reina. 

By helping to educate a student, you are not only touching the present and the future, you are honoring a another person in an enduring way—because the gift of a Catholic education is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

When you donate to the TRIBUTE SCHOLARSHIP FUND, an attractive card will be sent to the honoree, saying that you have made a donation in that person’s name.  Both names will also be listed in the community edition of La Reina Today, with a circulation of 4,000.  Tribute Scholarship Fund envelopes are available in the lobby of the administration building.  Or make an online donation at:   Using the Donation Type drop-down menu, select Tribute Scholarship Fund.

What better way to honor an educator, relative or friend than to contribute to the education of a student?   Thank you and God bless you during these holy seasons of Advent and Christmas. 

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