Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Regent Riders are still the champions!  Regent Riders took High Point again at Show #3 last Sunday.  Competing with only 2/3 of the LR team due to the threat of the Equine Herpes Virus, Regent Riders still came in strong.

Going into the final championship show of the season in April, La Reina has 879 points, second place Marlborough has 830 points, and third place Oaks Christian has 646 points.

Show #3 Results:  In the Varsity division, rider Stacey Bacheller '13 was the Reserve Champion High Point Rider and also qualified for the Medal Finals in April.  In the JV Division, Alice Lockhart '12 was the JV Dressage Reserve Champion.  Our Freshman division team came in 2nd place for the division, led by newcomer Ivey Burns '17 who was individually the 3rd place rider in the division.

Congratulations riders!  Each and everyone one of you contributed to our awesome points!  Well done!

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