Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Students who are interested in leadership at La Reina are encouraged to attend the Service Council Meeting which will be held on Tuesday, August 21, at 2:50pm in room 322. At this meeting, the program will be explained and jobs will be offered.

Eligibility for a Student Council Office:
In order to run for an elected Student Council office, students must demonstrate responsibility by giving service to the school. In return, they earn 1 service point for every hour of service performed.

This service can take many forms. For example, students may earn points by doing homeroom clean up, helping a teacher put up bulletin boards, setting out chairs for liturgies and assemblies or acting as hostesses for various functions that take place at school.

To be eligible for Spring elections, students must have earned the following number of points by the end of the third quarter:
Seventh Graders: 12 points
Eighth Graders:  18 points
9-12 Graders:  24 points

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Mary Anne Hedrick.

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