Friday, November 30, 2012


A great big thank you to everyone who helped to make our Fall Blood Drive a success! The drive was held on Tuesday, November 27th.   United Blood Services of Ventura County appreciates the opportunity to replenish the county blood supply with the help of La Reina parents and students. Thirty-five pints were collected.  UBS joins with us in thanking these donors whose generous "gift of life" we acknowledge today. 

Jessica Ames '13, Sara Antonacci '13, Braylyn Blaise '13, Caroline Brennan '13, Daniela Bussard '13, Caitlin Carlson '13, Rebecca Carter '13, Denise Davies,  Sherri Davis '13, Hannah Delsohn '13, Kim Diaz '13, Robert Fender,  Antoinette Fleeman, Andrea Foster '13, Emily Foster '13, Jessie Foster '13, Rachel Foster '13, Anita Green, Tatum Koval '13, Laura Leap '14, Dani Marietta '13, Brighid McEveety '13, Bea McGinnis '13, Rebecca Pringle '13, Meghan Ray '13, Emily Robbins '04, Alexandra Roland '13, Carrie Thorsch, Cierra Visage '13, Hailey Walke '13,  and Ariel Williams '13.

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