Friday, April 12, 2013


Congratulations to the following students who did a great job at the County Science Fair:

Sarah Edwards '17 received $50 from the American Petroleum Institute and earned 1st place in Physics.  Alanna Hurd '17 received Honorable Mention in Math, Computers and Electronics and received $100 from the American Petroleum Institute.  Parker Ornellas '17  earned 1st place in Animal Behavioral Science.  Grace Resnik '17 earned 1st place in Human Biology.  Alexandra Cerny '17 received Honorable Mention in Microbiology. Deanna Rice '17 received Honorable Mention in Product Science. Isabella Bonvino '17 earned 3rd place in Zoology.

Sarah Edwards, Grace Resnick and Parker Ornellas will be taking their projects to the State Science Fair next Tuesday.   Congratulations and good luck!

Top row:  Parker Ornellas, Alexandra Cerny, Sarah Edwards, Deanna Rice, Isabella Bonivo
Bottom row:  Grace Resnik and Isabella Brignardello (designer of the science fair poster!)

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